These Tooth Fairies Are Sharing Times They Nearly Got Caught

Recently, a Reddit user asked the internet, “”Tooth fairies” of Reddit: how do you do it without waking the kiddos? Any funny stories?”

Well, the internet did indeed have funny stories. Keep reading if you want to know what mistakes not to make when you’re trying to sneak some coins under your child’s pillow. Some of these stories are absolutely hilarious.

He Tried To Trick Her

“Once, my son got the bright idea to con the tooth fairy. He made Playdoh teeth and left them. As he was totally naive about this, he shared his plan with me.”

kid in spiderman costume
Photo Credit: Steven Libralon / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Steven Libralon / Unsplash

“He anticipated untold riches! However, the fake teeth only yielded fake money – chocolate coins in gold-colored foil!” -u/bananapeel62