These Tweets About Marriage Are Brutal And Hilarious At The Same Time

Marriage is a wonderful institution full of love and lifelong friendship and sleepovers every night, but it’s also perhaps the most annoying contract you will ever enter into. You have to put up with so much, and your partner can annoy you for days on end. There are moments of marriage that are absolutely beautiful and wonderful, and then there are moments that make you want to pull your hair out.

Keep reading to see some of the best tweets about marriage on the internet.

Dating Vs. Marriage

tweet: dating: can't wait to see you again. Marriage: part of your knee was on my side of the bed again last night.
Photo Credit: @TheCatWhisprer / Twitter
Photo Credit: @TheCatWhisprer / Twitter

Those of who you aren’t married out there, you should know that dating is a scam. Both parties are so much nicer in the dating phase. Then you get married and things get petty real fast.