This Dad Proves That Modern Technology Can Be Hilariously Hard To Master

21-year-old Simran learned the hard way that dads and technology don’t always work smoothly together. Her lesson was learned with a really hilarious result as her father tried to take a panoramic photo using his iPhone X.

“My dad trying to take panoramics of me. I’m mad asf,” Simran tweeted. Along with her tweet was a photo that looks more like an optical illusion than a final unedited picture.

Photo Credit: sc_x_cs / Twitter

“When he saw them he said ‘they look great’ and then I saw them and completely lost it. I mean, are you kidding me? I look like an Alien,” she added. Simran also notes that some people said she looked like a weird version of Kanye West and Lil Pump from their music video “I Love It.”

To prove that isn’t her real look, she shared an actual photo on Twitter — sans her father’s horrible panoramic skills.

Photo Credit: sc_x_cs / Twitter

Let this serve as a reminder that dads don’t always have technology figure out but at least it can lead to some really funny results.