Throwback Easter Bunny Photos That Make You Want To Skip The Holiday Altogether

When you think of the Easter Bunny, you think of someone dressed up in a fluffy, cute bunny costume who brings chocolate to your house and sits at the mall for small children to take pictures with.

Unfortunately, though, the bunny costumes aren’t always as cute as we would like them to be, and sometimes they’re downright terrifying. Chances are if you’re a parent, you have at least one photo of your child crying with the Easter Bunny, and these parents were kind enough to share those moments with all of us.

Initiate The Escape Plan!

escaping the easter bunny all three kids
Photo Credit: Facebook / Courtney Blair
Photo Credit: Facebook / Courtney Blair

On the count of three, we’re all going to run in different directions and then he won’t be able to kidnap any of us, okay? It’s every man for himself right now.