30 Times Kids Ruthlessly Roasted Adults By Accident

Kids are wonderful, innocent creatures who haven’t quite learned to navigate the ways of the world: they are inherently trusting, they get along with just about any other kid they meet, and they are inclined to believe in magic.

However, they also need to learn that honesty isn’t always the best policy, which means they can deliver some wicked insults without even knowing it. These are some adults who got burned so hard by their unwitting kids that they needed aloe to recover.

The Duality Of Woman

kid in my son's class explained to me that she was sure he has two moms because he has
Photo Credit: Twitter / @aubreyhirsch
Photo Credit: Twitter / @aubreyhirsch

I understand that makeup can make your face look slightly enhanced, but to look so different that a child thinks you’re a totally different person? That’s a hard pill to swallow.