Tricky Kids Who Pranked Their Parents Hard

Sooner or later, all kids discover the joy of pranks (much to their parents’ dismay). If it were up to the parents of the world, kids would never learn about pranks to begin with. It can only lead to chaos and trouble. We can’t keep our kids sheltered forever, so when they do discover pranks, they find them all too amusing.

Some of the kids on this list got their parents pretty hard. Some of them just tried their hardest.

You Can’t Sip That Juice

Photo Credit: @manonlouellette / Instagram
Photo Credit: @manonlouellette / Instagram

This mom helped her kid prank his siblings. Together they made some cherry Jell-O and let it set up in some glass cups complete with a straw. This might be the friendliest prank in the history of pranks. Who doesn’t want to be surprised by Jell-O?