Tweets About The Chaos Nobody Properly Prepared You For: Having Teenagers

People always joke about how difficult raising teenagers is, and when you had toddlers, you thought it couldn’t get any worse or be that much harder, but you’ve now realized you were mistaken.

Every stage of raising children is different and presents different challenges, but why did no one tell you how difficult it would be to convince a 15-year-old boy to spend five minutes emptying the dishwasher?

Information Is Power, And You Have None

no information about where you're going from teenager
Photo Credit: Twitter / @BigMama
Photo Credit: Twitter / @BigMama

There are so many ways for parents to communicate with their teenagers nowadays thanks to cell phones, yet they’re still unable to tell you the correct time they’re supposed to be at hockey practice or the address of the house they “need” you to drive them to on Saturday night.