Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up What Marriage Is Really Like

Nobody said marriage was easy. Or if they did, they’re liars. It’s like when women who just gave birth tell expecting moms that it doesn’t actually hurt – we all know you’re lying.

Regardless of how much you love each other, there’s going to be some hard times. Something that can help though? Knowing you’re not the only one out there who feels like their wife expects them to read minds, or whose husband never seems to manage to buy everything he’s supposed to from the grocery store. It’s like he doesn’t even look at the list, right!?

Realistic Expectations


This is an honest proposal right here. Who needs someone to promise to love and cherish them so long as they both shall live? That’s implied if you’re getting married, right?

What you do need though, is for your future wife to promise to always handle the Christmas shopping because you’re a terrible gift giver. And you need to promise her to always handle the kids’ lunches because she won’t remember to do it, but she also doesn’t want your future kids to starve.