Tweets That Prove Kids Are Absolute Savages

Children—they’re like small versions of us except they literally do not care about anything. You’d think that if you ask your kid nicely not to cause chaos, that they’d listen or something. But no, they do and say exactly what they want whenever they want.

Here are some times parents let us look in on the chaos that is raising kids. Because it truly is a chaos tornado mixed in with a lot of brutal honesty and dirty laundry.

This Kid Sounds Like A Real Adult

crying in shower tweet daughter
Photo Credit: @NotMikeJoyce / Twitter
Photo Credit: @NotMikeJoyce / Twitter

Someone get this kid an entry-level job, a clip-on tie, and a basic savings plan at her local credit union because she’s ready to jump right into adulthood. I personally can’t wait for her to discover the joys of a good car sob.