Unexpected Gifts People Received For Christmas

Christmas is known for being the season of giving. We take great care in choosing the right gifts for the important people in our lives, trying to find something that can properly represent how special they are.

Some people, though, just seem to be naturally better at giving gifts than others. Here are people who have a special talent for gift-giving and are able to surprise and delight the people around them with their unexpected or thoughtful gifts.

A Surprise In Every Box

iphone present hidden in box of colored pencils
Photo Credit: Reddit / jabberingginger
Photo Credit: Reddit / jabberingginger

This woman’s husband used to always receive colored pencils for his birthday and Christmas growing up, which felt like a bit of a cruel prank considering he’s colorblind. To right those years of wrongs, his wife gave him the gift he’d been asking for, an iPhone, but she couldn’t resist wrapping it inside a Crayola box.