Unruly Kids Who Left Their Parents No Other Choice

Parents will be the first to tell you kids can be super annoying. As the adult in the relationship, it’s up them to take the high road, act responsibly and show patience. But there are times when kids leave their parents no other choice but to stoop to their level in order to teach them a lesson. This form of discipline isn’t always effective, but damn is it ever funny. The mom who left a note on her daughter’s fishbowl and several other parents like her will have you in tears by the end of this list, so scroll through and enjoy.

You Give ‘Em An Inch They Take A Mile

Raising kids is a slippery slope. Every parent wants to make sure their kid is well taken care of which often leads to over-caring.


When you do too much for your kids they begin expecting more of you, like cleaning up after them, driving them places, etc.