We Want These Things From Our Childhood To Come Back

In a blast from the past Twitter thread, people were sharing weird products they’d wish companies would bring back and it’s a real trip down memory lane.

Hubba Bubba, green and purple ketchup (how gross was that?), iDogs, silly bandz (they were cool cause it was spelled with a ‘z’), are all classics. Some of the products people shared aren’t actually weird, but they’re definitely nostalgia-inducing. How many of these products do you miss?

McDonalds Happy Meal Video Games

mcdonalds happy meal video games sonic etc.
Photo Credit: Twitter / @beautifulDark_
Photo Credit: Twitter / @beautifulDark_

In case you can’t tell from the golden arches in the background, or if you simply don’t remember them, these little hunks of plastic were toys that came in Happy Meals!

Far from the figurines and books we know today, these LCD handheld games were released in 2003 and came in six different games that you could play on teeny tiny screens. The games were released to promote the GameCube games Sonic X and Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut. A wider range of upgraded games was released in 2004 as well.