Parents Share The Weirdest Things They’ve Had To Explain To Their Toddlers

You know how they say that toddlers are basically like tiny drunk adults? Some of that is due to their stumbling around, but the rest has gotta be thanks to the absurd and nonsensical things they say and do. Often, you don’t even know where to begin explaining things to them.

These parents took to Reddit to share the weirdest, most absurd things they ever had to explain to their toddlers, and man, some of them are bizarre.

The Picasso Who Must Be Tamed

kid playing with cat on the grass with parents watching
Photo Credit: Chewy / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Chewy / Unsplash

“We have an almost daily conversation about how it’s not nice to color the cat.” —SmudgeZelda

They say you shouldn’t limit a child’s creativity, but if the kid doesn’t find a new canvas, chances are the cat might try to make the argument itself soon, and the cat won’t be as nice about it.