We’re All Just Products Of Our Parents And Here Are The Pictures To Prove It

We know we can be similar to our parents, especially since people always remind us that we have our “mother’s eyes.” Harry Potter is definitely used to that by now. But it can go way deeper than a few physical traits and the way you walk.

Here are some people who have realized that their genetics and habits came directly from their mom or dad. They are out here loud and proud with the same birthmarks and quirky habits. So next time you look in the mirror or do something weird and get déjà vu it’s probably just your dad’s side coming out.

He Inherited A Thumb From Both Sides Of the Family…Right And Left

parents and kid with same thumbs
Photo Credit: ChewyPickle / Reddit
Photo Credit: ChewyPickle / Reddit

You’re going to have to see this to believe it. A Reddit user’s brother-in-law inherited a little something special from both his parents. Can you imagine walking around your entire life having people say you’ve got both your parents’ thumbs?

Both his thumbs are so different they look like they come from two people. Maybe his thumbprints match his parents’ as well. Hopefully not though, that would mean they could get into his phone and he’s probably not okay with that.