White Lies Parents Told That Definitely Backfired

We’re probably all guilty of telling our kids white lies, either to avoid a headache or to genuinely save them some heartache. No one wants to tell their kid a pet died or that Santa isn’t real, but the truth always comes out!

These people shared their stories when Reddit user deft_chemist shared his own story and asked which of their parents’ lies backfired in a big way.

The Cat Got Meaner All The Sudden For Some Reason

Photo Credit: Loan / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Loan / Unsplash

“Ten years ago, our family cat had to have an operation and came back a much meaner cat. Yesterday, my mom revealed to me the cat had died during surgery and they had gotten an almost identical new one and never told us.” – deft_chemist

Cats tend to have distinctive features, especially when you see it every day, so it’s impressive that the kids never noticed.