Wife Makes A Secret Instagram Account To Shame Her Husband For His Clutter

A Japanese woman created the Instagram account @gomi_sutero when she had enough of her husband leaving his trash around the house for her to clean up. The account name literally translates to “throw away your trash” and her photos are just as direct as their namesake.

She’s out here doing what we’ve always wanted to do when the person we’re living with decides to make our space chaos. Sure it’s just little things like toothpaste on the wall, but the devil is in the details. Next time your significant other doesn’t replace the toilet paper roll think of this hero.

The Tissue That Started It All

tissue on the floor
Photo Credit: @gomi_sutero / Instagram
Photo Credit: @gomi_sutero / Instagram

Listen up, because we’re introducing the star of @gomi_sutero’s Instagram page — the single used tissue lying on the floor. This little roamer has inspired many of the wife’s posts and plays a lead role in the show. We’ve heard their acting blows though.

In the comment, she writes that she finds and throws away “7-8 pieces every day” and that’s just of tissue paper left behind. Just that fact alone has us shaking our heads because those tissues are snot worth it.