This Woman Dressed Up As Her Favorite Characters For Her Weekly Pregnancy Announcements

When you’re pregnant, your body goes through more changes than you could possibly realize. A lot of mothers, especially first-time mothers, want to document their growing baby belly to look back on.

While a simple picture is enough for most couples, one expecting mother wanted to step up her game and get a little creative with her weekly pregnancy updates. She combined her and her husband’s content creation skills with their love of Disney, Harry Potter, and The Office, and came up with some epic photos!

Meet The Horines

baby story toy story themed baby shower
Photo Credit: Instagram / @_gracenavarro_
Photo Credit: Instagram / @_gracenavarro_

Grace and Brennan Horine live in Orlando, Florida and the couple absolutely loves Disney, PIxar, and Harry Potter. The couple frequently visits The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and made a pregnancy announcement video entirely filmed at the Wizarding World.