Women Share How Differently They’re Treated Without Makeup

Whatever your reason for wearing or not wearing it, whether you wear it or not should be your choice. No woman is sitting down to craft a lethal cat-eye winged eye because someone is in her ear telling her she should. But, because of how people treat us differently, sometimes it feels like we have to shape our appearance to get the reactions we want.

And that’s messed up. We shouldn’t be treated differently based on how we look, but that’s often the way it goes. These women’s stories show just how much people change just based on what goop we’re wearing or not wearing on our face that day.

For Shannon, People Are Way Nicer To Her In A Full Face

selfie with and without makeup
Photo Credit: Shannon Niernberger / Quora
Photo Credit: Shannon Niernberger / Quora

Shannon says that when she goes out and wears full makeup, people are, on the whole, extremely nice to her. She gets approached by men even when she’s got her husband at her side and often receives compliments on her makeup from other women. She gets treated so well she often feels like she can say “nothing wrong.”

On the other hand, she feels like an “average person” when she’s wearing minimal makeup because she doesn’t often get approached. Which is a relief to the introverted Shannon, but it says a lot about how we judge the way others look.