These Grandpas Prove Their Sense Of Humor Aged Like Fine Wine

Growing old doesn’t mean growing up –– that’s why we have adult coloring books and adult portions of chicken fingers at restaurants. Which, by the way, are both fantastic ways to spend an afternoon.

These grandpas just proved to us that life is like fine wine and cheese—it just gets better with age. If you’re worried about growing old and becoming a grandparent, these grandpas are here to prove you wrong. The best part of your life is just starting.

This Low Rider Is Bumpin’ Sinatra The Entire Way

This grandpa has heard of all of our fancy car accessories and modifications and decided that none of them really express what he wants them too. He wanted his ride tricked the heck out and he’s going to have it that way.

gramps on chair
Photo Credit: najlesza / Reddit
Photo Credit: najlesza / Reddit

This grandpa saw his lawnmower engine, armchair, and old TV and saw the future. What more could you want from a vehicle? He doesn’t need it low, the chrome rims, or the sound system as long as he’s got his footrest and the open road. Does this thing have a sport-mode?