The Lies Kids Tell That Parents Always Believe

Believe it or not, kids learn how to lie by the age of three, according to experts. The older they get, the more they realize that telling lies can sometimes get them what they want. As a result, kids often try to manipulate their parents by telling little white lies.

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard many of the lies we’re about to reveal. They involve everything from homework to pets to borrowing the car. Read on for some of the most common lies children tell their parents…

I Don’t Have Any Homework

This lie goes back a long way (as long as children have been given assignments to do at home.) No one likes doing homework, but some kids entirely skip doing it all together. And they will do anything to avoid it, including lie to their parents about not getting any at school that day.

girl sitting at a desk

This allows them to do other things instead, such as playing video games or watching TV. Unfortunately, this little lie will eventually catch up to them because most teachers won’t let this type of behavior go unnoticed.