Technologically Clueless People Who Should Stick To Using Pen And Paper

Our parents love to remind us how tough things were before the invention of things like Google and GPS. While today’s technology has revolutionized how we live, it takes longer for some folks to fully understand it.

Some of these people are wholesome, some are comically embarrassing, and others are just a hot mess. Welcome to the digital age, my friends.

Boomer Reviews

Reviews are meant to inform potential customers whether or not they should spend their money on a particular business. Unfortunately, Grandma Clara here decided to leave a one-star review for a restaurant because she’s never been to it before.

Elderly woman gives restaurant she's never been to a one star review.
Photo Credit: BakaB000i / Reddit
Photo Credit: BakaB000i / Reddit

Can someone please take Grandma Clara’s phone away?