We’re Pretty Sure These People Didn’t Mean To Say That

Look, English is a tough language to master. A lot of the grammar rules don’t make any sense, complex etymologies make spelling near impossible, and just forget about trying to read and pronounce words like “laugh” and “thorough” if you don’t speak English as a first language.

We get that it’s hard, and that’s why we’re not laughing at the people on this list. I mean, we kind of are, but we’re laughing with all of that in mind.

Sorry, Not Sorry

It looks like this washing machine has been listening to way too much Demi Lovato.

sign on washing machine
Zuke020 / Reddit
Zuke020 / Reddit

It should be sorry that it’s inconveniencing people. People were counting on it to wash their clothes.

Onyeung Rings

I was so caught up on the fact that “onyeung rings” was written on the side of this takeout container that I almost didn’t notice the “mark & cheese.”

incorrect spelling on takeout box
noodlemandan / Reddit
noodlemandan / Reddit

I’m not sure which one is funnier.

Stay In School

You really should stay in school, kids. If you don’t, you might end up misspelling the word “school” in a really obvious way.

Broadladesh / Reddit
Broadladesh / Reddit

At least, I think this is supposed to say “school.”

Stupid Child

I don’t even know what brand name this company was going for.

entitled_HATER / Reddit
entitled_HATER / Reddit

I can’t think of anything near the spelling or meaning of “stupid child” that would make sense as a name for a mop.

A Forg Cake

This person clearly tried their best with this cake. That frog made out of icing is actually pretty adorable. Maybe they meant to write “forg” instead of “frog?”

frog cake spelled wrong
rexcoba / Reddit
rexcoba / Reddit

We can only hope.

Appreciate What You What

There are so many words on this sweatshirt and none of them make any sense.

appreciate dad shirt

I mean, the words themselves make sense independently, but when you string them all together it’s complete gibberish.

Cheam Creems

Okay, I might have to start calling cream cheese “cheam creems” from now on. This is my favorite misspelling on this list.

cream cheese sign misspelled
devdavda / Reddit
devdavda / Reddit

It’s just so silly sounding. I can’t get enough of it.

The Door Does Not Exist

I think what they meant to write here is that you shouldn’t exit out this door. They were looking for a “no exit” sign, not a nonexistent sign.

nonexistent door sign

Or maybe they were just having an existential crisis.

Was This On Purpose?

I mean, it seems like a regular translation issue.

But there’s no way that a language from a country that might actually like to exterminate capitalism would do this by accident.

I Don’t Even Know

I don’t know what kind of pickup line pun this guy was going for, but whatever it was, it clearly didn’t work.

what from engrish

Who wants to be told that they’re a building?

I Sure Hope Not

A fire extinguisher is supposed to put out fires, not make them worse by blowing up entire buildings.

I really hope that this is just a translation error. Otherwise, run!

No Carrot Phones Either

You thought banana phones were the only produce phones available. That’s where you would be wrong. Apparently, celery phones exist also. And they aren’t allowed in this space.

Turn off your carrot phone while you’re at it.

I Kind Of Want It

There is no shortage of inspirational signs like these in dollar stores across America. However, I have never seen a sign quite like this before.

I kind of want it

Youth Is Pain

There’s something strangely poetic about the message on this phone case.

If it were published in a book of poems, I probably would take it pretty seriously. It’s kind of beautiful.

Which Is It?

When faced with a choice between full time and fart time, always choose fart time. Why would you not choose fart time?

I love translation mistakes like this. It’s so wholesome.

A Very Rude Chicken

Now that I think about it, the phrase, “jerk chicken” is kind of strange. This is what happens when you just plug things into Google translate.

You need an actual human translator.