17-Year-Old Boy Discovers New Planet On The Third Day Of His NASA Internship

Summer internships are highly sought-after positions for young students, especially those looking to stack their college applications with work experience.

The competitive nature of landing an internship means that most candidates are there to impress. That is exactly what one teen did when he landed his first internship with NASA and discovered an entire planet within three days of starting.

Meet The 17-Year-Old Responsible For Discovering A New Planet

Wolf Cukier is the teen at the center of the crazy story detailing how a high school student from Scarsdale, New York, was able to discover a whole new planet on the third day of his NASA internship.

wolf cukier nasa intern interview
Photo Credit: CBS New York / YouTube
Photo Credit: CBS New York / YouTube

Wolf joined NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, for a two month summer intern position.