Amazon Is Selling A Drawer For Storing Tupperware And It’s A Neat Freak’s Dream

I am a deeply neurotic, type-A person, and one of my greatest pet peeves is having to organize Tupperware containers. They always end up stacked in a haphazard mess and it always takes multiple tries to find the correct lid for each container.

Well, Rev-A-Shelf decided enough was enough and designed a drawer insert for kitchen cupboards specifically to organize Tupperware, and I think I might be in love with it.

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Organization Is Rev-A-Shelf’s Speciality

Photo of the product when empty
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The official product is called the “Rev-A-Shelf Food Storage Container Organizer“. Rev-A-Shelf is a company that specializes in creating home storage solutions, including spice racks, waste management storage, and kitchen material organization.

This drawer was designed to make container storage as easy as possible, ensuring that all Tupperware is visible and accessible in one quick pull.