Board Games That Will Help Your Kids Get Off The Phone For A Few Hours

Parents in the 21st Century often have difficulty pulling their kids away from computers, smartphones, and televisions. One of the best ways to accomplish that is by playing a really fun board game. Which board game, you ask? Well, there are literally hundreds of different games, designed for all kinds of kids.

Not only will children have fun playing the games, but they may also learn something as well. Some games will help with problem solving. Others will help to encourage the engineer within. Here is a list of today’s top games to play with your kids.

Catan Junior

Settlers of Catan is a wildly successful board game that is beloved by those who play it. The rules, however, can be a bit complicated for younger players. With this in mind, Catan Studios decided to release a more friendly, junior version of the game.

Courtesy of Catan Studios
Courtesy of Catan Studios

Kids can now join in on the game beginning at the age of 6. Rather than playing the game as settlers, players now become pirates who capture resources to bring back to their lairs.