Books That Were Written By Children That We Can All Learn From

While most people may think of authors as adults locked away in their study and typing away at a keyboard, that’s not always the case. Some authors may be eating a bowl of cereal and scrolling through Instagram while waiting for the school bus. Age is just a number for some of these young authors who have had a book published before graduating from high school or even younger. The books written by these younglings range from how-to guides to epic fantasies, check out who these authors are and the books that they have written.

Griffin Blade And The Bronze Finger By Luke Herzog

Why Not Books
Why Not Books

In 2014, at just 14 years old, Luke Herzog published not his first but second novel under Why Not Books. Set in the land of Alastian, the novel follows the story of a character named Griffin Blade who is a master thief that steals a valuable gem for a man who has a bronze finger.

He ends up traveling with a group of unusual companions as they become the central characters in the battle for power in Alastian. During his quest, Griffin learns more about the man with the bronze finger and even more about himself and his past.