In A Few Short Hours, You Can Build A Guest House For Your In-Laws’ Visit

Hosting the in-laws can be tough. Yes, they’re apart of the family and your spouse probably loves them. And who knows? Maybe you love them too. But sometimes when they come for a visit it can kind of take you out of your usual routine. And once they’re in your house, they can start to take over.

If you want to keep a bit of distance between your family and your in-laws, or if you just want a cozy little DIY cabin for your yard, we have the plan for you.

This Cabin Makes For A Perfect Guest House

cabin diy plans render
Photo Credit: Amazon / DIY Plans
Photo Credit: Amazon / DIY Plans

If you’re someone who’s good with their hands, this DIY Cabin offers the perfect plan for you. The cabin is 384 square feet and holds 1 bedroom, 1bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. There’s even space for a loft!