These Clever Parenting Hacks Are Next Level

Raising kids is fun, exhausting and rewarding. It also requires a little bit of ingenuity, something these parents have in spades. Whether you want to protect your children from harm or you’re looking for a quick few parenting hacks to make life easier, these awesome parents have you covered.

Wait until you see the simple hack to make sure your kids always put their shoes on the right feet. You’ll also love the parent who found a very simple solution for picking up the metric ton of glitter that’s probably floating around your house.

Safety First Should Be A Motto For All Parents

BBQ Parenting Hack
LadBaby / Instagram
LadBaby / Instagram

Barbecuing is a favorite past time of many parents and this dad wanted to make sure his toddler was safe while food was cooking on the grill. All you need to make this safe BBQ trick a success is a set of baby gates.

Is this dad going to the extreme? Sure, but his grill is still fully accessible and his child is safe, this is the prime example of an awesome parenting hack.