Clever Parents Who Are Still Teaching Their Children A Thing Or Two About Life

Many of your life lessons come from your parents when you’re a child or teenager and there’s a lot of wisdom that our parents can pass down to us.

So whether they’re young children or grown adults, here’s proof that no matter how old they get, parents can always teach them a thing or two about the ups and downs of life.

They Don’t Make It Like They Used To

It’s no surprise that products today just aren’t made as well as they used to be. From appliances to clothing, quality has been kicked out the window in lieu of quantity. But this mom is still using a holiday gift bag from December 1982 (39 years ago, which is terrifying to think about).

A reused gift bag from December 1982.
Photo Credit: Ironthumb / Reddit
Photo Credit: Ironthumb / Reddit

It’s proof that quality beats quantity every time.