This Coffee Cup Keeps Your Drink Warm For The Mom On The Go

If you’re the kind of parent that wakes up and curls up with a cup of coffee while catching up on the news before your little ones wake up… good for you. The rest of us are running around making sure breakfast is made, kids are awake and getting ready for school, and we’re lucky if we’re even wearing the right underwear for the day.

If you’re the mom who makes a cup of coffee but doesn’t get to drink it until 2 hours later when it’s ice-cold, this temperature-controlled coffee mug could be your savior.

Keep Your Cup Of Joe Warm All Day Long

breakfast with an ember coffee mug
Photo Credit: Amazon / Ember
Photo Credit: Amazon / Ember

As someone who is constantly drinking lukewarm coffee, this temperature-controlled coffee mug looks like a game changer. What’s really neat is that it’s a smart cup, so it turns off when it’s empty and senses when there’s liquid inside.