Common Childcare Mistakes That Parents Should Avoid

No matter how much preparation you do beforehand, much of parenting is a “learn on the spot” job. That said, there are a lot of misconceptions about childcare from a variety of sources, from television and movies to parenting books written by non-experts. While there is no fast-and-hard “correct” way to raise children, there are some central elements and concepts that hold true for parenting.

These are some of the most common mistakes parents make while caring for their children and how to change to be more effective.

Don’t: Stock Up On Lots Of Diapers

Drawer full of diapers
Photo Credit: Instagram / @lillydoo_babycare
Photo Credit: Instagram / @lillydoo_babycare

We get it: when there’s a sale, you want to capitalize and stock up. There is no denying that babies are expensive, and they seem to be non-stop poop-making factories that rip through diapers like it’s their day job (which in some ways, it is).

However, babies grow rapidly in size, with their weight increasing by about 140-200 grams a week, and therefore diapers you buy don’t have a large window of time for use.