Cozy Bump Finally Lets Moms To Be Lay On Their Stomach And THANK YOU

Being a mom is tough work, and it starts way before you actually have a little human causing a mess in your house. Once your belly starts growing, your feet start swelling, and your husband has gotten on every last nerve you have, you’re already due for a break.

The Cozy Bump can help offer that break in a way that most people wouldn’t realize. You can FINALLY lay on your stomach! You have no idea how important that can be after nine months.

This Pregnancy Pillow Gives Your Back A Break

woman pointing at cozy bump
Photo Credit: Amazon / Cozy Bump
Photo Credit: Amazon / Cozy Bump

Back pain is definitely a factor when you’re pregnant, so it’s great to see that the Cozy Bump offers women the chance to actually lay on their stomachs. The leg section actually declines, which allows your lower back to decompress and offer a bit of relief.