Customer Service Employees Who Have (Rightly) Given Up On Humanity

From restaurant to retail to hotel, if you’ve worked in any of the customer service industries, then you, my friends, have survived walking through hell itself.

The person who first coined the phrase “The customer is always right” definitely didn’t meet these entitled shoppers.

Color Me Shocked

In today’s edition of “Karens Out In the Wild”, I present to you this woman.

A woman changes her baby's diaper on an Old Navy clothing display and looks shocked.
Photo Credit: TonyGoforth / Reddit
Photo Credit: TonyGoforth / Reddit

This Karen is utterly baffled that someone is taking her photo in public. Why? It’s because she’s changing her baby’s diaper on an Old Navy clothing display. Not only do I feel bad for the employees, but I also feel bad for this baby who has an idiot for a mom.