Dad Junked The Kitchen Table To Build Something Entirely Different With His Bare Hands

When it comes to home improvement, nothing is more satisfying and frugal than taking on a project by yourself. That’s precisely what one dad did when it came to remodeling his family’s dining area. Instead of buying a different table or hiring a contractor, Imgur user MidnightXII decided to build something on his own.

What looked like a complicated task turned out to be a simple, efficient DIY project—and he did it with his own two hands! Read on to see how this dad completely transformed the family’s dining area.

The Bland Dining Room

a bland dining room table

This dining area was starting to look a little drab for the family. The bulky dining table was a hand-me-down that was starting to feel outdated and crowded, the more they used it. The family loved to entertain and decided that this table simply wasn’t going to cut it.

Instead of shopping for something smaller or sleeker, Dad thought he’d go the extra mile and build something entirely new! Would he actually complete it start to finish?