Your Dad-Musk Could Help Lower Your Partner’s Stress

If you’re a dad, you probably smell like a dad. It’s just basic knowledge that raising demon children, playing a round of golf, and referring to your buddies as “the boys” turns you into a creature with something called a “dad musk” and we’re not apologizing for it. Turns out, your wife doesn’t want you to either.

Researchers have discovered that the particular smell we dudes have actually can help lower the stress of our girlfriends. Who knew right? So don’t feel shy about throwing science in her face the next time she asks you to shower when you don’t want to.

The Study Involved Bags, Shirts, And Stinky Men

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Photo Credit: @matheusferrero / Unsplashed
Photo Credit: @matheusferrero / Unsplashed

Researchers Hofer, Collins, Whillians, and Chen wanted to figure out the impact of human scents on our stress responses. We all know we suffer when we beg our teenagers to put on some deodorant because we’re suffocating on their B.O. over here. But they specifically wanted to test how women feel when exposed to the scent of their partners.

They chose 96 women who were randomly assigned to smell either a shirt their partner wore, a new shirt, or one a stranger wore. Then the women were put through a minimally stressful activity like a job interview.