Your Dad-Musk Could Help Lower Your Partner’s Stress

To Make Sure The Funk Wasn’t Compromised

shirts in the wash
Photo Credit: @freetousespundscom / Unsplashed
Photo Credit: @freetousespundscom / Unsplashed

To get the most authentic man-funk they could out of the guys, researchers had them wear the t-shirts for 24 hours and instructed them not to use deodorant, smoke, or do anything that would change their natural musk. I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty freaking good at that challenge.

Researchers then collected the shirts and had women randomly smell one of them. Then the women were put to the job interview stress test. Afterward, their saliva was collected to test and measure their cortisol (stress hormone) levels. They also asked the women how they were feeling, and if it was anything like how I feel after a job interview, it’s absolutely in-freaking-sane.