Dad Needs This Handcrafted Decanter With A Glass Ship

There’s something about ending a long day of work with a relaxing drink that just makes sense. Some dads choose to end the day with an ice-cold beer, but there’s something that’s so much more rewarding about making yourself a proper drink. If you’re making a proper drink, you should have a proper decanter to hold your drink of choice.

This custom made decanter not only will keep your booze in proper condition, but it also features a beautifully crafted glass boat inside of it!

It’s Perfectly Crafted To Hold Your Favorite Drink

ship decanter
Photo Credit: Amazon / Prestige Decanters
Photo Credit: Amazon / Prestige Decanters

Everything about this decanter is handcrafted, so every piece is unique. It’s made with thick, lead-free glass that makes it durable, and standing at about 1 foot tall, it doesn’t take up much room while still standing out.