Dad And Son Take The Same Photo Together For 30 Years And The Final Photo Is Heartbreaking

For a family, there is nothing more precious than looking back at photos from childhood and seeing how everyone has grown. A picture truly can say 1000 words, and that’s why people cherish them so much.

This father and son decided they didn’t want to forget a moment or memory, so they took a photo every year together for nearly thirty years. These photos aren’t just a snapshot of time, but a way to track the beautiful transformation of a young family. You’ll never believe how different they look in the end.


We’ll kick it off in 1986. Dad here looks young and impressionable. Just like every new father, he’s probably going through the motions of learning how to change diapers and getting no sleep.


For context, 1986 was the year that The Oprah Winfrey Show hit national television networks, Phil Collins had the album of the year, and the Challenger Space Shuttle had just exploded to the shock of the American popular.