Dad Who Grew Up Without A Father Starts YouTube Channel For Learning Basic Skills

It can be hard to manage life without someone guiding you along the way. As much as there are certain things we can only learn by ourselves, there is tons of information that we get that’s passed down between generations.

On dad took it upon himself to create his own YouTube channel “Dad, how do I?” that teaches skills you’d normally “ask your dad” about. He was inspired to share the skills he himself had wished he received when growing up.

Plenty Of Kids Don’t Grow Up With Two Parents

Those with an absentee parent miss out on the things they would have taught them as they grow up.

dad holding small child on his shoulders while staring out at pretty lake view
Photo Credit: Brittani Burns / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Brittani Burns / Unsplash

So, this dad made a channel for people who (for whatever reason) have missed out on specific “dad lessons”. Spoiler alert: it’s the cutest thing ever.