Clever Uses For Dryer Sheets That Will Freshen Up Your Life

Dryer sheets: not just for your wrinkly shirts anymore. If you’re sitting on a 260-pack of dryer sheets that you’ve just bought at Costco and you’re not confident you’re ever going to use all of them for laundry don’t worry, because dryer sheets are a much more versatile household product than you think.

Here are clever ways that you can transform your home with these simple sheets. You might be surprised how much this product can make a difference in your home’s cleanliness, freshness, and functionality. These hacks will truly put a bounce in your step.

No Need To Buy Air Fresheners Any More

dryer sheets stuck to air freshener fan that's working
Photo Credit: Fake_Trades_XD / Reddit
Photo Credit: Fake_Trades_XD / Reddit

Dryer sheets smell fantastic, which is why we always stick our faces into our warm laundry when it comes fresh out of the dryer and take a big sniff. So why stop at freshening your clothes? Dryer sheets are the perfect replacement for air fresheners and all you need is a fan to do it.

Simply unfold and stick a few sheets to the back of a fan and you have an inexpensive air freshener that will last for weeks. This hack is especially good if you want to freshen up a basement or a room that gets little airflow.