Firstborn Children Are Better Set Up For Academic Success – Here’s How To Change That

Understanding the unique experience of growing up with siblings is challenging if you haven’t lived it. Growing up in a home with multiple children tends to change the way that people interact with one another.

There are sibling stereotypes that many people still believe ring true. For instance, the youngest sibling is always “the favorite.” Middle child syndrome is when the middle-born feels ignored and undervalued, and the firstborn is the oldest and therefore wisest. According to new research, the stereotype about the firstborn being the wisest might not be far off.

Sibling Dynamics Are Similar Across Households

In case you can’t quite picture the weird sibling dynamic that happens with 3+ kids in a home, TikTok user @tj_therrien created an entire hilarious (and relatable) series to detail some of the common stereotypes associated with each child.

In this viral clip, the firstborn is meticulously building lego blocks, while the middle child chaotically struggles to organize the blocks, and the youngest child completely destroys the model altogether ā€” but don’t worry, they won’t get in trouble.