Gender Reveal Gone Wrong Causes Explosion, Neighbors Think Its An Earthquake

Gender Reveal parties are a recent way of revealing the baby’s sex to its closest friends and family. It became popular in the United States around the late 2000s, thanks to advancing technologies.

While it used to just be as simple as cutting a cake with a pink or blue inside, expecting parents are starting to go above and beyond with their reveals. How far is too far?

Gender Reveal Parties

blue gender explosion by the beach
Photo Credit: Alex Hussein / Pexels
Photo Credit: Alex Hussein / Pexels

The craze can be linked back to Jenna Karvunidis. In 2008, she threw a party where she announced her baby’s sex by cutting into pink icing. She wrote about it on her blog and it went viral.

Since then, googling “gender reveals” shows that it’s lead to bush fires, plane crashes, and even deaths…