Genius Products That Won’t Leave A Dent In Your Bank Account

It’s easy to fall into the trap of looking at products online that you simply can’t afford. Sure, it might sound nice to buy a 6-foot tall ice sculpture, but it’s clearly not very practical and within a day you’ll be left with nothing but a giant puddle on your kitchen floor.

We rounded up these products that aren’t just practical, but they’re super affordable. Whether it’s a simple kitchen accessory or an easy-to-use beauty treatment, we have a couple of products that were quickly added to our carts.

Add That Little Extra Zest

Lemon sprayer gadget
Amazon / BLUETOP
Amazon / BLUETOP

It’s time to ditch those artificial lemon sprays and get the real thing. The Lemon sprayer gadget actually gets put right into a real lemon, so you can get a squirt of the real thing if you need an added jolt of citrus. You can get yours here.