Hacks To Get You Through Your 30s

You thought your 20s were hard? Welcome to your 30s: where everything you did in your 20s just aches a little more and the responsibilities continue to pile up. Don’t fret, though, we’re here to show you ways to make your life a little easier each day.

Never Get Freezer-Burned Ice Cream Again

Photo Credit: Christian Bowen / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Christian Bowen / Unsplash

Listen, with all the hard work you’re putting in, you deserve a treat. The last thing you want to do is to open your new tub of ice cream and see all those little over-frozen white bits.

Next time you’re at the store, press on the top of the container. If it’s solid, then it has been properly stored, but if it depresses then, it was likely thawed and refrozen.