These Handy Gadgets Found On Amazon Just Might Redefine The Word Genius

They say that the simplest answer is probably the right answer, and whoever designed these gadgets definitely made their inventions with us in mind. We’re constantly looking for ways to make our lives easier, and these simple gadgets are doing just that.

With a wealth of amazing products on the market, we tracked down some of our favorites that definitely make life simple and had us thinking ‘why didn’t we think of that?’

Toss Those Dryer Sheets Away

wool dryer balls
Photo Credit: Amazon / Handy Laundry
Photo Credit: Amazon / Handy Laundry

It turns out you’ve been doing your laundry all wrong if you haven’t been using these Wool Dryer Balls. They help reduce wrinkles, and are a great alternative to dryer sheets or fabric softeners. They even help save on electricity by shortening your drying time, and are totally reusable.