If You Have Three Kids And Your House Is Chaos, Blame Your Third-Born

No matter how easy your mom made it look or how effortlessly the other mothers at school manage their hordes of children, motherhood is not an easy job.

You’re committed to taking care of other human beings, and a lot of your time as a mother is going to be chaotic. But it turns out that if you have three kids, your third-born is the reason your life is chaos.

How Many Moms Are Stressed Out?

instagram mom with three kids
Photo Credit: Instagram / @surrey_mama
Photo Credit: Instagram / @surrey_mama

It’s a loaded question because, obviously, all moms and dads are a little stressed out at some point during their parenting career, but when Today did a study asking mothers about their daily stress level, the average mom said her stress level was at an 8.5/10. So what’s the reason behind their stress?