If Your Dad Jokes Are Getting Rusty, Here’s A Little Help

Let’s face it: all dads are guilty of dad jokes. It’s like the second their first baby is born, something clicks in their brain, they twitch, and the jokes start spilling out.

Whether we like it or not, the jokes get a giggle out of us. After some time, though, their jokes get a little rusty, and they need a push in the right direction to find their humor again.

Terrible Good Dad Jokes

Funny dad laughs
Photo Credit: Tomothy dykes / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Tomothy dykes / Unsplash

Dad jokes are cringeworthy, dumb, and cheesy—and yet we still love them. At least, we love them enough that someone made a whole book compilation of them.

Think of it as a reference book that every dad could turn to when they need to lighten the mood but their humor brain is failing them. Plus, they can take all the credit for their new joke collection and no one will know!