Interesting Facts To Distract Your Annoyingly-Inquisitive Kids With

Everyone’s child goes through that curious questioning phase. Your son may still be going through it, or maybe your daughter has finally stopped asking you “why” every 30 seconds, but every parent has had to suffer through this constant question and answer period.

If you have a kid who likes to ask a lot of questions, we’re here to prepare you with facts that you can use to distract them, stump them, or just entertain them with. They’re also interesting for adults — just weight until you hear about a blue whale’s tongue…

One Is Never Enough

guineapigs from instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram / @titorenogpigs
Photo Credit: Instagram / @titorenogpigs

If you live in Switzerland and own a guinea pig, you’re breaking the law. The law for all Swiss citizens is if you own one, you have to own at least two guinea pigs.

Due to a law passed in 2008 by animal rights activists, you’re required to own at least two guinea pigs at a time because they’re herd animals and they get lonely. If one of your pets dies before the other (which is likely) there’s also rent-a-guinea-pig companies to fill in legally until you get your little guy or girl a new companion.