Let This Touchless Vacuum Help You Convince Guests You Actually Spend Time Cleaning On The Weekends

Are you looking for a cleaning product that you can hide in plain sight in your home, but always have ready to suck up dust and dirt when you need it to? Of course you are, and so is every other person. Surprise surprise, that product exists, and it sort of looks like a tiny spaceship sitting on the floor of your house.

The EyeVac touchless stationary vacuum is just the product you need so you can finally throw out that pesky old dustpan for good.

The First Step To Clean Floors

eyevac touchless vaccuum
Photo Credit: Amazon.com
Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Whoever invented dustpans must have had a serious bone to pick with the cleaning community because those things are not as easy to use as we would like. Do you know what is easy to use? The EyeVac touchless vacuum! The Eyevac is a corded, bagless, high-efficiency filtration system that has automatic sensors, so whatever dust or dirt you sweep in front of it is quickly sucked away.