Make Eating Alone In Your Car Cool And Not Sad With The WheelMate Extreme

You love your family, you love your job, you love your coworkers (some of them), and you love your home, but sometimes you just need a break. Some peace and quiet to just be alone with your thoughts could maybe actually make you productive for once…or at least let you enjoy your sub without any interruptions.

Until now, you didn’t really have anywhere to go, but what if there was a perfect spot waiting for you this whole time right under your nose?

Sometimes You Just Need An Escape

car desk cafeteria
Photo Credit: AUTOEXEC / Amazon
Photo Credit: AUTOEXEC / Amazon

Sometimes you just need to hide away in your car. Whether it’s to get away from the office without having to make small talk in the cafeteria at lunch or needing a minute to yourself from screaming kids at home, your car is never too far away.

Why not equip it with something to help you out? This steering wheel attachment lets you eat or work comfortably in your car.